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Meaghan grew up dreaming of being an artist, with a passion for film, musical theatre, and all things beautiful and glamorous. During her Theatre Arts studies she stepped in as Makeup Artist for a production - and it resulted in a light bulb moment.  

A career in makeup opened a door for Meaghan, allowing her to be on set as a vital part of the creative process of bringing stories to life.

As the years passed, Meaghan developed the passion and expertise for creating polished glamour in the Toronto bridal scene. What truly inspires her is creating every woman's perfect personal look. Her clients look, and feel, their most beautiful. 

Meaghan has an impressive resume of over 10 years experience in Makeup. She is highly skilled in Editorial, Commercial, Bridal, Events and client-based makeup. Having a fine eye for detail and talent for executing beautiful makeup every time, being eternally dependable, and having the knack for providing a warm, open, and fun client experience all combine to make Meaghan the artist of choice. 

Meaghan Gregory Bridal Beauty Makeup
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